Shine, Jesus, Shine!

“All is safely gathered in, ere the winter storms begin.”

--From Come, Ye Thankful, Come, by Henry Alford


The season of in-gathering—of autumn—is lovely in Vermont. God’s palette comes alive with color, and both roadside stands and our own gardens overflow with abundance. The season also provides a national and a personal time to reflect on what we’ve gleaned from the year’s “harvests.” And it’s a time to consider our expectations for 2022. So, it is with Pledge Season at St. James, as we plan our yearly budget. Each year, we base that budget primarily on what parishioners have told us they can contribute to the life of the parish.


Shine, Jesus, Shine!
St. James Episcopal Church 2022 Pledge


You may submit your pledge using the pledge card sent to you in the mail, or simply fill out your pledge information below and hit "Submit."  You can make your pledge payments via check or give online through the PayPal portal on our "Giving" page which also allows you to pay via credit card, if you prefer. Contact us if you need assistance!


Please let your heart guide you to give generously, so that the good work of St. James can continue. 

Thank you for your pledge!


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